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Featured app: Speak Here Now

Friday, March 15, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Speak Here Now

When you're on the go, you can sometimes find yourself in a situation where typing a task into your phone is inconvenient or even impossible. But that shouldn't stop you from getting it into your task list. Anyone with an iOS device that has Siri capabilities can use our Siri integration to create a task using voice input. Android users can do something similar using an app called Speak Here Now by Michael Kendle. The app requires Android 2.2 or later, and is available from Google Play.

Speak Here Now is actually a platform which developers can use to connect their apps to voice commands on Android devices. Out of the box, it comes equipped with several commands, including the ability to add a task to Remember The Milk. To create a task, tap on the Speak Here Now icon and start your phrase with "Remember…". Everything that follows will be the task name.

The first time you use the app, it will open a page in your browser which you can use to authenticate the app on your account. This is a one-time process and, going forward, you'll simply receive a confirmation message each time you add a task. Note: The authentication process must be completed in the default Android browser.

By default, the new task will be added to your Inbox list. However, you can say the word "list" to specify another list by name. This word actually works much like the # Smart Add shortcut, so you can use it to specify both lists and tags. The word "due" is also understood and is used to define a due date for the task.

Hungry for more tools to help you work with your tasks? Check out our Apps page to find something that fits with your workflow!

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Featured integration: Bulk adding for Remember The Milk

Friday, March 1, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Bulk adder screenshot

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to get a large number of tasks imported into Remember The Milk all at once? Maybe you have a list of items that you want to copy and paste, for example. For many of these situations, you can use the Import Email Address that we provide. However, if you're wanting something with a bit more structure, take a look at RTM Bulk Adder. It's a tool developed by Alasdair North which allows you to add multiple lists of tasks to your account through your browser.

The tool consists of a single webpage which has a number of multi-line text fields (up to 30 of them!) each of which can be used to enter a list of tasks. Smart Add syntax is supported so you can specify all the task's properties on a single line. For each list, you have the option to save its contents so that you can come back later to continue constructing your lists, or to send it to Remember The Milk, which will import the tasks to your account.

The source code for the webpage is available and you're free to download it and host it wherever you like for your own use. For convenience, the author has hosted his own copy which you're free to use as well. When you save your lists, the data is recorded locally in your browser, so none of your tasks are stored server-side.

Got an idea for a tool that will make task management easier for everybody? We'd love to see it! Our API page will show you how to get started.

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Featured integration: QuickFox Notes

Friday, February 15, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Inspiration often strikes in a flash. Sometimes jotting down a quick note can be the difference between an idea that turns into something productive and an idea that's forgotten. (Bob once told me he wrote 35 additional verses for Bananaphone but forgot to write them down.) If you're an unrelenting note-taker and you live your life inside Firefox, the QuickFox Notes extension from InBasic was made just for you. The extension allows you to easily write and organize notes from within your browser and, using the Remember The Milk add-on script, integrate with your task list. The developer has provided videos demonstrating the features of the extension and how to install add-on scripts.

QuickFox screenshot

To add a new task from within QuickFox Notes, simply click on the Remember The Milk icon. Tasks can be added quickly using Smart Add syntax, and the shortcuts are displayed for easy reference. In addition, any note text that you've selected will automatically be added as a note to the new task.

You can also display your tasks inside the extension by clicking to the right of the Remember The Milk icon and using the “Fetch Tasks” command. Click on a task to view its details in the web app.

Looking for more tools to help you interact with Remember The Milk? Take a look at our Apps page to find something that fits in with your workflow.

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Command line task management with rumember and Milkmaid

Friday, February 1, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Are you a command line ninja who's looking for a way to manage your tasks without leaving the terminal? These two apps may be just what you're looking for: rumember from Tim Pope and Milkmaid from Marius Grigoriu. Both are open source Ruby apps focused on fast and easy command line task management.

Once you've installed rumember, adding a task is as simple as:

ru Pick up milk ^tomorrow

It doesn't get much easier than that! You can specify the task's properties using Smart Add shortcuts, too. Adding tasks quickly is the sole purpose of rumember, so you won't be able to display or edit existing tasks.

If you want a bit more flexibility to manipulate your tasks, give Milkmaid a try. Once it's installed, you can list your tasks with the following command:

milkmaid task

Color-coding and special formatting will be applied to tasks which are marked with a priority level, are due today or are overdue. Also, a unique ID number will be assigned to each listed task which allows you to reference them when performing other actions such as complete or postpone.

Milkmaid screenshot

One of the great things about command line applications is the way you can often piece them together to customize your workflow. As an example, this article shows how to use rumember with Alfred to quickly add tasks from your Mac desktop with keyboard shortcuts. Good thinking!

Interested in making your own application that connects to Remember The Milk? Look over our API and get coding!

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Featured app: Cheqlist

Friday, January 18, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Cheqlist screenshot

Have you been searching for an application to help manage your tasks on the desktop, but haven't yet found one that seems to "fit in"? Try Cheqlist, an app created by Eric Wendelin with two goals: "make managing tasks very efficient and look sweet on your desktop". Built on the JavaFX platform, Cheqlist runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, provides automatic updates, and is open source.

The application is split primarily into two views: Tasks and Lists. From the Tasks view, you can select a task to view and edit its details, or quickly complete a task with one click using the checkbox. Adding tasks with Smart Add and filtering tasks with advanced search operators are both supported from this view, so if you're familiar with these concepts, you'll feel right at home. From the Lists view, you can add or delete lists, and jump to the Tasks view for a particular list.

Cheqlist also works hard to make sure that it integrates well with your desktop experience. The app is designed so that it can be minimized to a thinbar and positioned anywhere on the screen, ready to be expanded only when you need it. In addition, there are quite a few color customization options so you can choose a look that fits in with the rest of your desktop environment.

If you'd like to see Cheqlist in action, you can watch the author's introductory video here. He also mentions that the app is full of secret "easter egg" features, which should keep you busy for a while if you don't feel like working on your tasks!

Has Cheqlist piqued your interest in creating your own app that integrates with Remember The Milk? Take a look at our API to get started!

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Featured integration: Rainlendar

Friday, January 4, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Rainlendar screenshot

When it comes to your tasks, the balance between keeping them "in your face" and keeping them out of the way can be a tricky one: you don't want to forget about them because they're hidden from you, but you don't want to see them so often that you start ignoring them. If you're having trouble finding that balance, take a look at Rainlendar from Kimmo "Rainy" Pekkola. It's a cross-platform calendar application which aims to keep your tasks and events accessible on your desktop at all times without being intrusive.

To connect to Remember The Milk, you'll need the Pro version of Rainlendar which is free to download and use, but will display "[UNREGISTERED]" in front of each of your tasks unless you purchase a license.

One of the great things about Rainlendar is its very high degree of customization. An instance of Rainlendar is comprised of multiple components, each of which can be moved around the desktop or hidden independently. The available components include several different calendar views, as well as an Events list and a To Do list, among others. The look and feel of the components can be altered dramatically with some very cool skins, too.

To help you keep organized, Rainlendar can contain multiple calendars, each with its own separate Events and To Do items. To create a new calendar that synchronizes with Remember The Milk, open Rainlendar's Options screen, select Calendars, then click Add. You will then choose a list from your Remember The Milk account that will correspond to this calendar's To Do list. Working with tasks from Remember The Milk is just like working with native Rainlendar To Do items.

If you're looking for more ways to connect with your Remember The Milk account, take a look at our Apps page!

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Featured integration: Vimperator Plugin Extension

Friday, December 14, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

Vimperator Plugin Extension

I bet you're tired of using that clunky old mouse to surf the internet and you wish your browser acted more like a text editor. (Wait, everybody doesn't think that?) If you're a big fan of Vim, or if you're just in the mood to try something a little different, look no further than the Vimperator plugin for Firefox. The plugin transforms your browser into a Vim-like environment where actions are performed by typing commands. And while you're at it, why not install the Remember The Milk extension script so you can manage your tasks from within the browser?

Vimperator is a standard add-on which can be installed from Firefox's Add-on menu. After installing it, place the extension script file in ~/.vimperator/plugin/ (for Mac and Linux) or in %HOME%\vimperator\plugin (for Windows) and restart Firefox. The command used to manage your tasks is :usi. Once you enter this command, Vimperator will walk you through the available sub-commands with its suggestion menus.

From the Vimperator command line, you're able to add tasks with the :usi task add command, and Smart Add syntax can be used to assign task properties. Tasks can also be completed, uncompleted, postponed and deleted. These commands will display a list of available tasks and assign a unique number to each one. You can reference the task by its assigned number, or cycle through the tasks using Tab.

One thing to be aware of is that the extension script caches your task data to allow speedy suggestions as you type. If you find that some of your tasks aren't being shown by the plugin, it may be necessary to use the :usi cache clear command to force a refresh of your task data.

Looking for more ways to interact with your tasks? Head on over to our Apps page and have a look around!

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Featured app: MilkMaid

Friday, November 30, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

MilkMaid screenshot

Are you a Mac user trying to find a desktop app for Remember The Milk to help keep you organized? Try MilkMaid, a full-featured desktop app with a simple yet sleek interface from developer Greg Allen.

MilkMaid consists of an always-on-top window which displays tasks from a single list or tag, and allows you to complete tasks with a single click. This window is resizable and can be placed anywhere on your desktop. A status icon located on the right side of the menu bar can be used to hide or show the window, making it easy to show your tasks when you need them and keep them out of sight when you don't.

All the other functions of the app are available from the menu bar, and have keyboard shortcuts for quick access. When adding tasks, you can use Smart Add syntax to specify task properties. You can also search for tasks using advanced search operators, and your searches will be saved during your session so you can refer back to them until you quit the app.

One very unique and useful feature of MilkMaid is the "Add Multiple Tasks" function which lets you enter a list of tasks to be added. You can specify "global attributes" which are task properties, given in Smart Add syntax, that are applied to all the tasks in the list. This can be very useful in situations where you need to copy and paste a list of tasks from another source and then set the task properties for all of them at once. (Like when your boss emails you a list of things to do and they're all high priority!)

Has MilkMaid given you an idea for your own app that connects to Remember The Milk? Check out our API and get hacking!

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Featured app: Gmilk

Friday, November 16, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

Gmilk screenshot

If you're a Linux user who's passionate about customizing your desktop experience and would be comfortable running a Python script, take a look at Gmilk from developer Eustáquio Rangel. This simple script places an icon in your desktop's notification area and lets you see the status of your upcoming tasks at a glance. Periodically, it will check for updates and notify you if there have been any relevant changes.

Gmilk is concerned largely with your immediate future: it will locate tasks that are due today or tomorrow, as well as overdue tasks. You can also configure it to look for tasks that have no due date but have been assigned to certain tags. When Gmilk finds these tasks, a desktop notification will be displayed. You can then click on the icon in the notification area to see the tasks in a dropdown list and click a specific task to complete it.

The Gmilk icon itself also gives you a quick overview of the status of your tasks. It shows a milk bottle which ranges from full to empty depending on what type of tasks were found during the last check. The less urgent the tasks are, the emptier the bottle will be. Think of it like a game where you try to keep the bottle as empty as possible at all times!

Gmilk has a few dependencies apart from the Python standard library including PyGTK and dbus-python so you'll need to install these before Gmilk will run.

If you have an idea for a helpful tool like Gmilk, take a look at our API page and get started!

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Featured integration: SimpleRTM Interactive Emacs Mode

Friday, November 2, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

SimpleRTM screenshot

So you're a card-carrying member of the Church of Emacs and the list of things you do with Emacs seems to grow on a daily basis, right? It's time to add task management to that list. SimpleRTM is an interactive Emacs mode by Moritz Bunkus which is based on earlier work by Seth Mason and Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs. It allows you to manipulate your tasks from within Emacs using keyboard commands. Many of the commands mirror the keyboard shortcuts used in the Remember The Milk web app, so if you're familiar with those you'll be right at home.

The SimpleRTM project page gives instructions on how to install the mode. Once it's installed, switching to simple-rtm-mode will display your task lists from Remember The Milk. Navigate the cursor to a list and use the TAB key to expand or collapse it to view its contents. Tasks are color-coded to indicate various properties including priority, tags, due dates and time estimates.

To operate on an existing task, you can either navigate the cursor to the task and use keyboard shortcuts, or you can press ENTER to view the task's details in the bottom window. This allows you to edit individual properties of the task by placing the cursor on them and pressing ENTER. You can also select multiple tasks and act on all of them at once, similar to the web app.

A full listing of the keyboard shortcuts can be found by examining the simple-rtm.el file, but here are a few helpful ones available from the task list view to get you started:

  • %: Refresh all tasks and lists
  • <SPACE>: Select or de-select the current task
  • a: Select all tasks in the current list
  • c: Complete all selected tasks or (if no tasks are selected) the current task
  • t: Add a new task using Smart Add syntax

Looking for more ways to integrate Remember The Milk into the apps you use every day? Take a look at our Apps page!

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