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Goodbye Sydney, G'Day San Francisco

Monday, September 10, 2012 by Emily Boyd

Bob explores his new home of San Francisco

Waaay back in 2004, two Australians (that's us) started working on a little project called Remember The Milk. We were joined by Bob T. Monkey to round out our team, and set out to build the bestest task management app the world had ever seen. Eight years on, we're still going! To our utter amazement, we've somehow managed to sign up over 4.1 million users. Thanks to all your support with Pro accounts (we've never taken funding), we've grown to a distributed team of 10 humans plus one stuffed monkey, all working on our never-ending quest.

Sydney has been Remember The Milk's much-loved home as we've grown over the past eight years. It's an awesome city for startups; we've been honoured to be in the company of folks we admire like Atlassian and Campaign Monitor. As much as we love Sydney though, it's time for a new adventure!

We've exchanged sunny skies for foggy ones, and moved ourselves (myself and co-founder Omar Kilani) as well as Bob T. Monkey to San Francisco. (Incidentally, you have no idea how difficult it is to get a passport for a stuffed monkey.) If you're in San Francisco, be sure to say 'hi' if you see us around in our Remember The Milk hoodies; we look forward to meeting more of our awesome users. :)

For those of you who are curious, aside from the move, we have some big new stuff cooking that we're very excited to share with you soon. The team is quietly (and furiously!) coding away; one might say we've been listening very closely to all your feedback on what you'd like to see from Remember The Milk. ;)

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