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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Memorizing passwords

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

With so much opposing password advice — "your password should be unique", "your password should be hard to guess", "do not write your password down!" — it can be tricky to remember a really effective password. This week's tip, shared by toastmoartl, suggests a few tasks spread out over a month to help you memorize a particular password.

For some (mostly financial) services I need unique passwords and I don't want to write them down (for example the PIN for my credit card). If I don't use them regularly it's very easy to forget them. If it's definitely important I adjust a simple template that I send to my RTM Import Email Address. RTM keeps asking me to remember the password daily, then weekly and then monthly.

password for xxxx? today #Personal
password for xxxx? 2 days #Personal
password for xxxx? 3 days #Personal
password for xxxx? 4 days #Personal
password for xxxx? 5 days #Personal
password for xxxx? 6 days #Personal
password for xxxx? 1 week #Personal
password for xxxx? 2 week #Personal
password for xxxx? 3 week #Personal
password for xxxx? 1 month *monthly #Personal

Thanks for sharing this tip, toastmoartl! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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