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Help us decide! Vote on ideas for Remember The Milk

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Voting icons

We love getting feedback here at Remember The Milk, and it seems like you guys love sending it too — there's been 24,150 posts in our Ideas forum since we launched. :)

With that much feedback, we can't implement every idea (no matter how many bananas we feed Bob T. Monkey, he's still got limits!). So, we need to figure out which ideas are most important to Remember The Milk users.

That's where you come in! We've completely overhauled the Ideas forum, and added a voting feature (inspired by Google Moderator). We'd love it if you could vote for the ideas you like (and dislike!). Your feedback will help us to decide what Bob and the team should develop next.

One more thing! To recognize the support of those who've upgraded, if you're Pro, your vote gets doubled; each time you vote, you'll add +2 or -2. Get voting! :)

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