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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Developing a good habit

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

In this week's tip, bazman90 recounts how he used a series of tasks to help him drink more water:

Bob develops a good habit

I had a health check in work recently and was told I was only just hydrated enough, so I thought what would help me remember to drink water regularly through the day and not just the essential coffee each morning.

So I created a task called "Drink Water – 200ml" and duplicated it to alert me many times a day, within a given period. I had the first one go off at 9.30am and then every half hour until 3pm. I also set the repeat to 'every day'.

This meant that every day between 9.30 and 3 on half-hourly intervals I was reminded to drink water, helping me towards my 2 litres a day!!

Maybe a bit of over kill, but now when i am sat in the office and an alert on my phone goes off I instinctively drink a swig of water.

I deleted the reminders today, after about three weeks as the routine/habit has been set.

I'm sure this could be applied to other areas too…

Yes, we're very interested in how this method has been used in all sorts of situations; it's a helpful way to encourage yourself to develop all sorts of habits.

Thanks for sharing this tip, bazman90! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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