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Bob T. Monkey discovers Donkey Kong's banana hoard

Thursday, December 2, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Banana hoard discovered!    10,000 bananas and one small monkey

When our loveable mascot, Bob T. Monkey, got wind of the fact that Donkey Kong's banana hoard was in Sydney… well, let's just say we had one very excitable monkey on our hands.

Bob insisted that we head over to Circular Quay (pronto!), where we found a two tonne mound consisting of no less than 10,000 bananas. According to Nintendo, the evil Tiki Tak Tribe had stolen the bananas from Donkey Kong Island overnight, and an early commuter found them just outside Customs House this morning. It must have been a complete coincidence that a new Nintendo game was being launched in Australia today…

Bob was disappointed when we told him he couldn't take the entire banana stash home with him (the little guy can barely carry one banana, let alone 10,000!), but we did let him eat as many bananas as he could from the giant mound. Bob says thanks for the noms, Donkey Kong!

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