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Android app update: Auto-complete for Smart Add, smarter auto-syncing, a whole bunch of little fixes, and new trials for everyone

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 by Emily Boyd

It's Remember The Milk for Android update time, w00t! Bob and the more human members of the team are continuing to work on improving the app, and today we're releasing version 1.3.0 (codename: "Trurl").

Auto-complete for Smart Add

There'll be no more hurting your brain trying to remember the Smart Add shortcuts (# for tag, @ for location, etc). It's now super fast to add tasks in the app with auto-completion for the Smart Add field.

When adding your task, just tap on one of the icons (due date, priority, etc) below the 'Add Task' bar. You'll then see a list of quick options you can tap, such as common due dates or tags you've created. You can also start typing to filter the options (e.g., find your tags that start with "p"), or enter something that's not in the list.

Auto-complete for Smart Add   Auto-complete for Smart Add

Smarter auto-syncing

No more waiting around for auto-sync! Until now, if you opened the app to just quickly add or complete a task, you either needed to wait for the auto-sync to happen (about every 5 minutes) or start a manual sync to make sure that your changes were synced with Remember The Milk.

With smarter auto-syncing, the app will wait several seconds after you've made a change, then automatically begin syncing with Remember The Milk. Yay!

Bug fixes and enhancements

We've also taken the opportunity to include some other small enhancements and fixes in this release:

  • Updated widget styles for Android 2.0+.
  • Tasks now repeat correctly after a repeating task is deleted and the 'Continue Repeating' option selected.
  • Searches/Smart List criteria containing the OR NOT operators now return the correct results.
  • Time estimates when the device language is not English are now interpreted correctly.
  • Smart Add now uses the default list setting when adding tasks.
  • Fixed issues related to saving note changes.
  • Empty Smart Lists now show a count of '0' instead of 'smart'.
  • Searches for completed tasks now default to the completed task view.
  • ^never is now recognized in Smart Add if the Default Due Date option is 'Today'.
  • due:never is now inherited in a Smart List if the Default Due Date option is 'Today'.
  • Fixed issue with text in Add Task bar disappearing when accidentally touching outside the field.
  • Fixed issue with due date display in some widgets.

New trials for everyone (even monkeys)

Bob says... have another trial?

The app is available as a free download on the Android Market for Pro users. If you don't have a Pro account yet, you can get a 15 day free trial by downloading the app. With this update, we've reset everyone's trials in our system… so everyone who's tried the app previously can now start a new 15 day trial to explore the latest features. Why not give it another go today? :)

Enjoy the updates!

We hope you like this latest app release! Want to learn more about the app in general? Check out the Remember The Milk for Android section of the site.

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