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Remember The Milk Mobile Survey 2010: The Results

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Last month we asked you to help Bob prioritize mobile development for 2010 by taking our Mobile Survey. Over 3,300 lovely Remember The Milk users were kind enough to provide their input, and Bob thanks you profusely! Bob's been busy tallying the results and trying to figure out what it all means, and we wanted to share what we've learnt with you.

Mobile devices

First of all, we asked which mobile operating system(s) you use regularly. You could choose more than one option, just in case you use an iPod touch as well as a phone, or enjoy carrying multiple phones around.

The results are obviously a bit skewed towards platforms where we have full native apps: it's no surprise that iPhone OS (used by 45% of you!) and Android (26%) lead the pack.

For the rest, it's tricky to know whether a particular operating system is less popular because we don't have great support for it (thus not as many users of that platform are attracted to Remember The Milk), or maybe because it's just a less popular platform in general… or in some cases, a little from column A, a little from column B. :)

Chart: Which mobile operating system(s) do you use regularly?

We were also curious to know how you usually use Remember The Milk on your mobile device. The number of folks using the iPhone and Android apps correspond roughly to the number using those devices in the previous question, but the mobile version managed to slip into second place (perhaps not surprisingly, being popular for those platforms without a native Remember The Milk app).

Chart: How do you usually use Remember The Milk on your mobile device?

The future

We asked a couple of questions about the devices you plan to purchase; we figured it'd be a good idea to get an indication of which devices we'll need to support in the future!

First up was the Apple iPad: 19% of you were certain you'll be buying one, with a further 25% being undecided. Existing iPhone/iPod touch owners were much more confident there'd be an iPad in their future, with 35% of you being certain, and a further 33% undecided. So, it sounds like Apple will be selling a lot of iPads. :)

Chart: Is there an Apple iPad in your future?

Aside from the iPad, we were interested to learn which devices folks were considering purchasing in the future, as 26% of you indicated you're planning to acquire a new phone or mobile device in the next 6 months. We asked you to squint into your crystal ball and tell us which operating system your new device runs.

The biggest surprise here was that the leader was Android (57% considering a purchase), followed by iPhone OS (40%). (Yes, these percentages don't add up; clearly some of you are tossing up between the two, or maybe even planning to buy both.)

Perhaps indicating how quickly things can change in mobile land, in the time since our survey, one mobile operating system listed in the survey merged with another (Maemo > MeeGo), and Windows Phone 7 was revealed, so the results might be different if we ran the survey again today. Despite that, the results seem to give a fair indication of which platforms Remember The Milk users are thinking about.

Chart: Which operating system does your future device run?

What should we work on?

The big question! We gave you a lot of options, and asked you to choose which mobile stuff you think we should focus on (keeping in mind that we're a small team here, so hopefully you each didn't select too much stuff!).

The clear leaders were improve the iPhone app (requested by 41% of you) and improve the Android app (33%). It's not terribly surprising that folks requested we work on the platforms that they use (and why wouldn't you? :), though the number who selected the Android app option was actually higher than the number of people who indicated they use an Android device, suggesting people requested this ahead of a planned Android purchase.

Third place was development of a new iPad app (17%, very close to the percentage of you who said you'd definitely be buying one). I'll take a guess that this percentage might change if we asked this question again after the iPad comes out. :)

Next up were requests for improvements to the mobile version and the main web app for mobile use, followed by requests for standalone apps and syncing for specific platforms (in order of requests: BlackBerry, Palm webOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Maemo, Palm OS). There was some slight skewing of results for specific platforms by users encouraging other device owners in online forums and on Twitter to come and take our survey, but hopefully it didn't affect things too dramatically; we definitely admire the passion shown!

Which mobile stuff do you think we should focus on?

How we'll use these results

This survey has provided us with some fantastic information that Bob will be using when making decisions about mobile development for 2010, and we thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us!

As always, we continue to welcome feedback on Remember The Milk for mobile (and in general!) and we use this to improve our service. If you missed the survey or haven't already shared what you'd like to see, we'd love to hear from you! You can send a suggestion to us directly, post on the Ideas forum, or share your feedback in the dedicated iPhone and Android forums for those apps.

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