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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Remember The Milk – A lifesaver for a college student

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by Emily Boyd

This week's helpful tips come from mooryan's experiences using Remember The Milk as a college student:

Bob studies hard

I've used many different task management methods and systems, but RTM is here to stay. I love how I can really manage my whole life (work, school, personal, family, church, etc.) All within the same app and don't feel like any tasks really bump into each other unnecessarily.

My tips are how to effectively use RTM as a college student. Some of these tips I have found useful from time to time, others I live by. Hopefully some will be useful to any out there striving to further their education:

  • Once I get my hands on a class syllabus, I immediately go to the class outline where all of the assignment deadlines are and input them into RTM. This way, even though I may not know what the 'media law paper' due in 6 weeks, is even concerning, I'll know its been captured and know I don't have to worry about forgeting the assignments and can effectively plan out my nights and weeks.
  • Tagging each assignment with the class name can quickly give you an overlook of what is coming up in that particular class and what the rest of that class's workload will entail. Most times I am only concerned about what is due the next day or that week, but many times you want to see the most effective way to plan out GTD'ing for a particular class. That is where tagging helps immensely.
  • Tagging all school related assignments in my gmail firefox extension as 2nd priority (work tasks as first priority) can quickly give me a visual as to what needs to be done for school in blue, what needs to be done for work in red.
  • Notes help immensely if the assignment involves greater detail that wha you want to have as the name of the task. You can also keep notes for an assignment as you think about them (i.e. ideas for a media law paper) well before it is due.
  • Finally, if I want to capture a 'non syllabus' assignment real quick. I can whip out my iPhone and get it captured and tagged without having to pull out my laptop. Simple and inconspicuous. The iPhone is also great for pulling out to task manage while walking on campus between classes.

Nothing real earth-shattering here, but just a couple quick tips I've found helpful to keep on top of managing college. I hope you find something that works for you and that you each can share something for us all to try. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing these tips, mooryan! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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