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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Managing snags in a new home

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 by Emily Boyd

This week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, RTM user p.dade, shares a helpful tip for keeping track of imperfections in a new home:

Bob inspects his new home (oh no, a crack!)

I have recently moved into a new home and have been going through the process of 'snagging' or checking for imperfections.

I have found RTM to be an excellent tool for managing the imperfections or 'snagging' process in a new home.

I have set up a new list for called 'house' and listed within this all the imperfections or snags that have been found. I then apply a tag to each snag that states the room, or location where the snag was found, for example 'lounge' or kitchen' and a tag detailing the type of snag, 'paintwork', 'damage' etc. When it comes to advising the developers, you can search on tags, create a Smart List for incomplete and completed snags.

In addition, you can use the notes section of each task to write notes or updates for each snag, for example, if a snag is being repaired in a staged process, I write the time, person and details of the conversation and the work undertaken. Therefore keeping an up-to-date audit trail as to how issues are moving on. This is very helpful and invaluable if you need to check or review anything, or just argue with the developer that something has or hasn't been completed!

Thanks for sharing this tip, p.dade!

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