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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using sleeper tags

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 by Krissy Bradfield

Welcome to this week’s Tips & Tricks Tuesday! This week we’re looking at the idea of “sleeper tags”, as suggested by RTM user rajjan. This tip allows you to decide how far in advance (in relation to the due date) a task appears in your RTM Smart List.

Setting up and using sleeper tags is a simple 3 step process.

1. Create a Smart List with the following criteria and save it as "zzz":

(tag:zzz AND dueAfter:now)
OR (tag:z1d AND dueAfter:"1 day of now")
OR (tag:z2d AND dueAfter:"2 days of now")
OR (tag:z1w AND dueAfter:"1 week of now")
OR (tag:z1m AND dueAfter:"1 month of now")

Handy hint: You can create and use as many tags as you like using the pattern above to represent "sleep" time (i.e., z5d, z2w, z3m, etc) as long as you include them in the search criteria.

2. Add the criteria NOT list:zzz to your Smart Lists (to hide the tasks with sleeper tags).

3. Add tag zzz/z1d/z1w/z1m etc to any tasks you want to hide until later. For example, the task "Clean fridge" could repeat weekly with a tag of "z1d" to hide it from your Smart Lists until the day before it's due.

That’s it! Following is an example of how rajjan has implemented this in his @work Smart List:

location:@work AND NOT list:zzz

Using sleeper tags he’ll only be shown tasks that he can work on immediately, which is a definite time saver! Thanks for sharing this tip, rajjan.

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