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Android app bug squishing update, part II

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Bob T. Monkey's been busy with another bug squishing release, following our big Remember The Milk for Android update. Version 2.0.2 includes:

Android logo


  • Initial sync now uses 50% less memory.
  • Updates to localizations for Chinese (Simplified), Danish, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese (Brazil).

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with updating widgets on Motorola devices running Gingerbread.
  • Fix issue with task counts on tags/locations not clearing when all tasks were disassociated from that tag/location.
  • Fix issue with editing tags for multiple tasks not syncing as expected.
  • Fix issues with Finnish date parsing.
  • Fix miscellaneous crashes.

Don't have the app yet? Learn more about Remember The Milk for Android.

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Android app bug squishing update

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Following our big Remember The Milk for Android update last week, we discovered a few bugs that had managed to sneak through into the release. :( Bugs just won't do, so we've released version 2.0.1, including:

Android logo


  • Updated layout of 2×2 widget to show more tasks.
  • Updates to localizations for Chinese (Traditional), Czech, German, Italian, Norwegian (Norsk), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Swedish.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue with task counts on lists not clearing when all tasks were removed from a list.
  • Fix issue with widgets not being updated after some actions run from the "More" menu.
  • Fix issues with Norwegian date parsing.
  • Fix issue with missing widget shadows.
  • Fix miscellaneous crashes.

We've still got Bob furiously attempting to work around a bug in some Motorola devices that means the widgets don't update correctly in some circumstances. Fingers crossed that Bob will be able to figure out a fix shortly!

Don't have the app yet? Learn more about Remember The Milk for Android.

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We taught Siri to add tasks to Remember The Milk

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by Emily Boyd

From the moment we tried Siri on our shiny new iPhone 4S, we knew we had to teach Siri to add tasks to Remember The Milk.

A few caffeine-fuelled days later, and we're super excited to announce that we've done just that! You can now ask Siri to remind you (e.g., "Remind me to pick up the milk"), and that task will be magically added to Remember The Milk.

Check out the demo:

Want to add tasks to Remember The Milk with Siri, too? Just follow our quick set up instructions:

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The ginormous Remember The Milk for Android update

Monday, October 17, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Our promised Android app update is finally here, and it's a big one! We've overhauled the UI of the app and the widgets, snuck in some cool new features and new widgets too, and…

The basic app is now free for everyone!

Android logo

Until now, our Android app has been available as a free download on the Android Market only for those of you with a Pro account. That's changing today; like our iPhone and iPad apps, the Android app is now free for everyone to use — yay!

What's the catch? We've introduced some limits to the free app: you'll be able to sync manually once every 24 hours with the Remember The Milk servers, which is great for backing up your tasks and notes online. There are also a few features that are exclusive to Pro users.

Exclusive to Pro: Unlimited push syncing + reminders + widgets

Pro accounts (and the awesome people who upgrade to them!) help us to maintain Bob T. Monkey's stash of fresh bananas and, well, keep Remember The Milk running. :) Upgrade to Pro, and you'll be rewarded with:

Exclusive to Pro features for Android

  • Unlimited push syncing, which means that changes you make to your tasks on Android are automagically pushed to Remember The Milk online (and vice versa).
  • Reminders in the notification bar and app dashboard, so you'll know instantly when tasks are due or when a location with tasks is nearby.
  • Widget goodness! You'll get our freshly revamped List Widget, as well as our brand new Smart Bar Widget and Badge Widget (more about those below).

And don't forget the other Pro benefits, including membership in our Pro Tester Program, double votes for product ideas, priority support via email, and of course that little Pro icon next to your name to indicate your awesomeness.

What's new in the app?

Version 2.0.0 (aka "Deckard") is our biggest Android app update ever, and brings a whole bunch of new features and improvements. Check out the demo we prepared earlier, or read on for the full scoop…

A whole new interface

New UI screenshot

First, the app has been completely redesigned. The action bar at the top gives you quick access to sync, search and Smart Add — so you can add a task from anywhere in the app. In the new task list view, you can also switch easily between incomplete and completed tasks using the tabs.

Introducing the dashboard

Dashboard screenshot

When you launch the app for the first time, you'll discover an entirely new screen: the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can get an overview of your tasks: what's due today, tomorrow and this week. You can also jump to your lists, tags and locations. Want to come back to the dashboard at any time? Just tap the blue title bar at the top of any screen.

Edit multiple tasks at once

Edit multiple tasks screenshot

We've made some handy improvements to working with your task lists. You can now edit multiple tasks quickly and easily: simple select them with the checkbox, and either tap the 'Complete' icon, or tap the 'More' icon to postpone, edit the due date, priority, list, or tags for multiple tasks.

Swipe to get stuff done

Swipe actions screenshot

You can now swipe a task to complete, postpone, edit, or delete — making all of these actions super fast. And we like super fast at Remember The Milk. :)

'This Week' view

This Week screenshot

This new view, available from the dashboard, makes it easy to see what's due this week.

Add tasks using the Android 'Share' menu

Remember The Milk is now available in the Android 'Share' menu — so you can quickly add tasks from other apps. For example, you can use 'Share Page' from the browser to add a task for the webpage you're on.

Exclusive to Pro: Reminders Bar

Reminders bar screenshot

In addition to displaying reminders for your tasks that are due or located nearby in the Android notification bar, the brand new dashboard gives you quick access to your outstanding reminders via the Reminders Bar.

Exclusive to Pro: List Widget (freshly revamped!)

List Widget screenshot

The List Widget has been freshly revamped with an all-new design — so you can add a task with Smart Add right from the widget. In addition to the original 2×2 and 3×3 flavours, the List Widget now comes in a much-requested 4×4 size for full screen goodness.

Exclusive to Pro: New Smart Bar Widget

Smart Bar Widget screenshot

Want to add a task with Smart Add? Add a task by voice? Search your tasks? Launch the app? The brand new Smart Bar Widget does it all!

Exclusive to Pro: New Badge Widget

Badge Widget screenshot

This one's our favourite! The new Badge Widget lets you see the number of incomplete tasks in a list, tag, or location; tapping the widget will take you straight to the corresponding screen in the app. There's also a special Badge Widget just for Smart Add, where you can add a task directly from your Home screen without needing to launch the app.

Globe covered in flags

Eight new languages

Last, but not least, the app is available in eight new languages: Chinese (Traditional), Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish, and Ukrainian. We'd love to support as many languages as possible, so if you're interested in helping to make the app available in your language, please check out our online translation program.

Enjoy the updates!

QR code for Android app

We hope you like this latest app release! Want to learn more about the app in general? Check out the Remember The Milk for Android section of the site.

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Squishing bugs in MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by Emily Boyd

A bug. Don't worry, we don't squish the pretty ones.

If there's one thing that Bob T. Monkey hates, it's bugs (all bugs, but particularly the software kind). That's why he's excited that the latest update to MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook, version 1.0.22, squishes even more of the tricky creatures.

We don't usually post about small updates to MilkSync, but Bob wanted us to remind everyone to make sure their MilkSync is up-to-date (many bugs have been squished in the twelve releases since launch). Also, if you tried MilkSync early on, you're more than welcome to give the app another try.

How do I get this update?

MilkSync will automatically check for and install this update. If you'd like to manually check for this update, just:

  1. Right-click the Remember The Milk icon in your Windows System Tray.
  2. Select About and check the status at the bottom of the dialog.

I'm new to MilkSync, and I want some syncing goodness!

Head on over to the MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook page, where you'll find more info about the app as well as the all-important download link. If you don't have a Pro account yet, you'll be able to try the app free for 15 days (just download it and start syncing to begin your trial).

I've tried MilkSync before, can I try it again?

Yes! With this update, we've reset everyone's trials in our system… so everyone who's tried the app previously can now start a new 15 day trial. Why not give it another go today? :)

If you have any questions or problems with the app, Bob would be more than happy to help. Happy syncing!

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Remember The Milk for iPhone and iPad: now with push syncing

Thursday, August 4, 2011 by Omar Kilani

Hot on the heels of the shiny new real time updating for the Remember The Milk web app, we're excited to announce that our iOS apps now support push syncing (no app update required).

This means that any changes made to your account will automatically be pushed out to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. (The iOS app has to be open to receive the changes in real time, due to OS limitations.) A Pro account is required to take advantage of push syncing.

Here's a demonstration of push syncing that we prepared earlier:

We hope you enjoy all the new push syncing goodness.

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Real time updating comes to the Remember The Milk web app

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 by Omar Kilani

Users of our Android app have enjoyed real time push syncing for a while now. We've always wanted to add this real time updating awesomeness to the web app, and with the help of Scala, Akka, Netty and Unfiltered, we're excited to announce that real time updates are finally here.

Real time updating illustration

This magical real time updating goodness means that you'll see changes to your tasks as soon as they happen. Updated a task on your shiny new iPad? Bam! The update shows up in your browser without you lifting a finger. Postponed a bunch of tasks on your Android device? Boom! There they are all freshly postponed. Someone you're sharing tasks with decides to tag a bunch of tasks with 'bananas'? Ka-ching! Little blue tags magically appear on your tasks.

Real time updating is now available with Google Chrome, Firefox 3+, IE 8+, Safari 5+, and Opera 10+. We hope you enjoy this magical new era of real time awesomeness. :)

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An update on offline access without Gears

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by Omar Kilani

We're big fans of offline web apps at Remember The Milk; when Google Gears was released in 2007, we spent a caffeine-fuelled weekend coding insanely to make Remember The Milk the first web app after Google Reader to work offline with Gears.

As many of you know, Google stopped development on Gears earlier this year, and Gears support has been removed in Chrome 12. The last releases of other browsers to have Gears support are IE 8 and Firefox 3.6 (so Remember The Milk will only work offline if you stay on these older releases, unfortunately).

The future of offline is, of course, HTML5. So, if we developed offline support with Gears in one crazy weekend, why haven't we released offline support with HTML5 yet? Good question. :)

Based on our testing, we don't believe that the HTML5 technologies required to re-implement offline support (AppCache, IndexedDB) and their various browser implementations are ready just yet for a production web app the size and complexity of Remember The Milk (similar sized apps are things like Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, and the individual apps that make up Google Docs — yes, we really have that much code!).

This situation should change in the next few months, as Google works to make their apps available offline without Gears (offline for Gmail is targeted for delivery as a Chrome web app in the third quarter of 2011). We're continuing to keep a close eye on HTML5 and the browsers, and just as soon as the technology is ready, we plan to bring you guys fast and reliable offline support for Remember The Milk. Stay tuned. :)

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Help us decide! Vote on ideas for Remember The Milk

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Voting icons

We love getting feedback here at Remember The Milk, and it seems like you guys love sending it too — there's been 24,150 posts in our Ideas forum since we launched. :)

With that much feedback, we can't implement every idea (no matter how many bananas we feed Bob T. Monkey, he's still got limits!). So, we need to figure out which ideas are most important to Remember The Milk users.

That's where you come in! We've completely overhauled the Ideas forum, and added a voting feature (inspired by Google Moderator). We'd love it if you could vote for the ideas you like (and dislike!). Your feedback will help us to decide what Bob and the team should develop next.

One more thing! To recognize the support of those who've upgraded, if you're Pro, your vote gets doubled; each time you vote, you'll add +2 or -2. Get voting! :)

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Introducing Remember The Milk for iPad

Thursday, May 5, 2011 by Emily Boyd

Remember The Milk for iPad screenshot

We're huge iPad fans here at Remember The Milk (our moms are, too!) and consider it to be a revolutionary (and magical :) new device. So when Apple announced that developers could start building apps for the iPad, our resident mobile app guru was on the case.

That was just over a year ago. Since then, we've rebuilt the app from scratch and thrown out 4 different design concepts in our pursuit of a Remember The Milk experience that feels natural and intuitive on the iPad.

After a lot of tweaking and testing (and what turned out to be the most ambitious project we've worked on since launching Remember The Milk), we're excited to announce that the app is finally done.

Available on the App Store

The universal iPad app is now available as a free download for everyone on the App Store, with some features available exclusively for Pro (more on that later). Get the app now, or read on to learn more. :)

Tell me more about the app!

This Week view

Natural and intuitive.

The gesture-rich interface (inspired by Twitter for iPad) is designed to take full advantage of the iPad and makes tasks fun. More fun than pen and paper? We think so!

Always in sync.

The app (naturally!) keeps your iPad and your Remember The Milk account in sync. That's tasks, notes, lists, Smart Lists, tags, locations… the whole lot! You can use the entire app offline without an Internet connection, then sync up later when you're back online — perfect for plane trips.

For Pro users, smart auto-sync makes it easy to stay up-to-date — changes you make are automatically sent to Remember The Milk within seconds. Background sync completion means that if you leave the app mid-sync you don't have to worry — the app will finish up your sync with Remember The Milk and make sure you're in sync.

Organize your way.

Organize efficiently by list, Smart List, tag, or location and prioritize your tasks. Not sure what's next? See at a glance how many tasks are due today, tomorrow, and this week. Don't like the ordering? Choose to sort by priority, due date, or task name for each list. Of course, you can review your completed tasks with a fast switch between incomplete and complete tasks.

Personal list

Keeping on top of tasks.

Manage your tasks easily with a few taps. All the fields you've come to know and love are supported (task name, list, priority, due date/time, repeat, time estimate, tags, location, and URL) and you can even customize the fields shown. So if you're big on tagging, you can set that field to always display when adding tasks.

There are flexible options for setting due dates and times, too; choose from days in the upcoming week, a full date/time picker, or enter your own in any of the supported formats.

Get stuff done with gestures.

Tap tasks with two fingers to quickly complete or postpone in the task list: pull down to reveal the Complete button, pull up to reveal the Postpone button.

You can also perform actions on several tasks at once. Just tap Edit on a task list to complete, postpone, prioritize, move, tag, and set the due date for tasks. You can also perform all these actions and more while editing a single task.

Add tasks the Smart way.

Add tasks quickly (and with as many properties as you like!) by using Smart Add syntax, e.g., "Pick up the milk tomorrow", "Order stationery #work", "Return books in 2 weeks @Library", and more. The auto-complete feature makes adding tasks with Smart Add super fast.

Smart Add saves you time too, with support for adding by context: tasks added to your today list will be due today, while tasks added to Smart Lists inherit their criteria. So, if your Smart List shows all your high priority tasks that are due today and located at the office (due:today AND location:office), any tasks added to this Smart List will automatically inherit all these properties.

Notes view

Notes… that look like notes.

Need to store additional info about a task? Write a note (or notes!) for quick reference.

Email addresses, phone numbers and links in your notes conveniently auto-link to Mail, Contacts and Safari.

See tasks located nearby.

Like to take your iPad everywhere you go? Take the chance to add your favorite locations to the app. You can see tasks located nearby with one tap, in the Nearby view, so you can plan the best way to get things done.

Search screen

A powerful tasks search engine in your hands.

Not only can you search for tasks by name, you can use any of the advanced search operators supported in the web app for more powerful searching. Want to find your high priority tasks due in the upcoming week and tagged with 'bananas'? No problem!

Save your favorite searches as Smart Lists for quick access. (For anyone new to this feature, Smart Lists are very handy; they're similar to Smart Playlists in iTunes, but allow you to easily see tasks that match your desired criteria, rather than music!)

Accessibility and VoiceOver support.

Accessibility icon

We're passionate about accessibility, and excited that the app has full support for VoiceOver, the iPad's gesture-based screen reader.

Available in 20 languages.

Remember The Milk for iPad is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Greek. Interested in helping to make the app available in your language? We'd really appreciate any help — please check out our online translation program.

Available in two flavors: Free and Pro

Bob says, 'Upgrade to Pro? Pretty please?'

Like our iPhone app, the iPad app comes in two flavors: Free and Pro. In the free version, you'll be able to sync manually once every 24 hours with the Remember The Milk servers, which is great for backing up your tasks and notes online.

The Push Notification service is also unavailable in the free app (we can't give you everything free, now can we? :). But aside from that, you get all the goodness of our iPad app… free!

Exclusive to Pro: Unlimited auto-syncing + Push Notification service

Want to keep all your devices in sync without that pesky once-every-24-hours limit? Don't fancy having your syncing style cramped? Craving some of those sweet Push Notifications? No problem, that's where Pro accounts come in! Upgrade to Pro, and ye shall receive:

Sync icon

  • Unlimited auto-syncing with Remember The Milk online. That's right, just let the app sync for you, or tap that little 'sync' button as often as you please.
  • Smart auto-sync that automatically sends task changes to Remember The Milk within seconds. No more wondering if you have changes that need syncing!
  • Keep in sync with your tasks on multiple devices. Got an iPhone as well as an iPad? Maybe you also use another device? The syncing goodness means you'll have your tasks up-to-date everywhere you use the app.
  • Push Notification icon

  • Push Notification reminders and badge updates. Not only will we send you lovely Push Notification reminders, but if you add or change tasks via another Remember The Milk interface (like, say, the web app), we'll make sure to update the badge number on your device via Push Notification to reflect these changes.

And don't forget the other Pro benefits, including membership in our Pro Tester Program, priority support via email, and of course that little Pro icon next to your name to indicate your awesomeness.

Thanks to…

A big thanks to the Remember The Milk users in the Pro Tester Program who helped us to test the app, gave us lots of feedback and reported bugs. (Unfortunately we could only invite 100 testers, as there's a limit on the number of devices that can be authorized for iPad testing, but we would have loved to invite everyone!)

Want Remember The Milk on your iPad?

Awesome! Here's the link you'll need to launch iTunes and download the app:

Want to learn more, or have any questions about the app? Please check out our Remember The Milk for iPad mini-site. We hope you enjoy the app as much as we enjoyed building it! :)

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