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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Managing your financial life

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by Andrew Conkling

Managing your finances can be a big task — or list of tasks! This week's tip, shared by bynbutterfly, outlines a very thorough method for keeping up on all aspects of your finances.

Bob manages his finances

I felt overwhelmed to manage bank accounts, especially multiple credit cards and debit accounts. By using Remember The Milk, I can maximize the benefits from cashback credit cards and avoid paying fees. Repeating tasks are used heavily in managing bank accounts.

There are many many many scenarios I use Remember The Milk to organize financial life. Here is my own experience in recent 2 months. First I need to mention my rules of managing personal finance.

My rules of personal finance:

  1. Even if banks and HR can do a lot of stuff automatically for me, I should double check everything by myself.
  2. If I made a financial mistake, I should think about how to avoid this mistake in the future.

With those rules in mind, be sure to read the full post for details about keeping up with your credit score, debit and credit accounts, statements, and receipts.

Thanks for sharing this tip, bynbutterfly! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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