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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Borrowing and lending with tags

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 by Andrew Conkling

If you ever lend things to others, you probably know the feeling of suddenly realizing you never got that one thing back! Or you might avoid borrowing things, because they'll constantly be on your mind while you have them.

This week's tip, shared by dominikhajduk, offers a reprieve from those urgencies by just keeping track of things you borrow or lend. :)

I don’t like borrowing and lending. But sometimes I have to. There is nothing worse than forgetting to give something back in due time. Or searching for necessary things before last-minute travel and after a few hours realizing that you lent it out. So a few years ago I created #borrow and #lend tags in RTM. How it’s work for me?

When I lend something I simply create task with #lend tag. The due date is set for the date when I expect that thing should get back to me. After that time I postpone the task (I hate reminding someone that they should give my stuff back, it’s embarrassing) or just send a reminder to that person.

When I’m borrowing something, then the task is tagged with #borrow, has the proper priority (mostly 1) and the due date when I should give things back.

Now I can simply check where my stuff is by list tagged tasks or check what things should I give back.

I hope this tip can help you manage your borrowed or lend things. And do not forget to give borrowed things back.

Thanks for sharing this tip, dominikhajduk! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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