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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Simple GTD using Remember The Milk

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

We've featured a few different GTD setups in the past but, perhaps as a testament to the flexibility of Remember The Milk, there are a variety of useful ways to set things up. This week's tip, shared by mattssoncarl, outlines a straightforward setup for projects and other tasks.

This system attempts to make a GTD-ish system as appealing and easy as possible. I created this system for myself due to most others including different arrangements of symbols in front of the actual tasks or tags, something which to me makes it looks very unappealing and complicated. I wanted something which both looked good and was extremely easy to work with.

The system has a few key concepts which you will have to accept for the system to work, or at least to work as mine does:

  1. First, every task must have either a tag or a due date.
  2. Second, every project gets its own tag.
  3. Third, priority one is to be utilized for project goals, whereas priority two is for next actions.

This is basically it, let me illustrate. Say I want to clean out one of my closets to put the summer clothing in the garage. I start with creating the goal and tag for the project, lets call it summerclothing.

Clean out the summerclothes from your wardrobe and put them in the garage !1 #summerclothing

By doing this, we state the goal of the project and we create the project by starting the tag summerclothing. Let's continue with adding some new tasks to it:

Buy crate for storing clothes !2 #summerclothing
Sort out summerclothes from the wardrobe #summerclothing
Put the summerclothes in the garage #summerclothing

And there we have it, a simple project. You simply move around the priority 2 for sorting your next action (if you want to, in some projects you might consider this a bit redundant), and when you are finished with a project you simply mark the priority 1 as finished.

Other tasks might not be projects and or need to be done on specific dates, for this you simply add a due date.

Book a time for laundry ^today
Pay the bills ^26th *monthly

Read the full post for more details.

Thanks for sharing this tip, mattssoncarl! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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