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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keeping an eye on old tasks with a Smart List

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

It can be difficult to think about older tasks that you may not have gotten to in a while. This week's tip, shared by alexriabtsev, suggests a way of honing in on the most important tasks you may have forgotten about so they don't get left behind!

How many times do you have your tasks incomplete for ages? I do this regularly (thus this is not on my Routine list :) ). But I found the way to keep my tasks refreshed. Just make a Smart List with following search:

dueBefore:today OR (priority:none AND status:incomplete NOT addedWithin:"1 month of today")

With this Smart List I have all my old overdue tasks (added more than a month ago) kept in one place and can do 3D (do, delegate or delete). This really helps me be more organized.

Thanks for sharing this tip, alexriabtsev! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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