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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Prioritize your e-books with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

With Remember The Milk you can make a list of anything, sort it, prioritize, and complete the tasks in it. This week's tip comes from mathieu.hubeek, who shows off our recent Evernote integration to keep a running list of books to read.

Bob reads an old-school book

I just love my Sony e-reader and I use it a lot.

The only problem with the reader is the index; it only shows the cover and the title of the book. Read and unread books are in one list sorted by alphabet. Pretty frustrating.

Often after reading a review online I add a new e-book to my reader, a few weeks later I forgot what it was about and it remains somewhere in the middle of my booklist on my e-reader.

Now I’m using the following “workflow”:

When adding new books to my e-reader I also add a new note to Evernote (notebook: books) with the review/my own notes and I set a reminder so it shows up in RTM in my Inbox list.

In RTM I set the priority (must read books = priority 1) and add tags for book type (thriller/drama/poetry etc), after that I move the tasks to my e-reader list in RTM.

Now when I want to read a new book I just pop up my RTM e-reader list on my iPhone and the “must read books” are on top (priority 1), the tags show the book type and a full review is accessible by clicking the Evernote button.

After finishing a book I open the task in RTM, add some extra notes in Evernote and I complete the task in RTM.

My RTM list shows all my unread books with book type and priority and extra information, when someone asks me for a book recommendation I open my Evernote notebook and it shows all my books with my personal notes.

Thanks for sharing this tip, mathieu.hubeek! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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