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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Creating a Snooze Smart List

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

Despite our best intentions, it's easy to say something is due at a specific time but then not get to it right away. This week's tip, shared by hiteshnh, is for those of us who rely on our reminders, but might miss them at the time.

Since I rely on my phone app to remind me of due tasks, one thing I noticed was the absence of a snooze option in reminders. Sometimes I get a reminder when I’m in the middle of something else and instead of opening up the task properties and modifying the due time, I just dismiss it from the notification panel. And then it slips out of my mind.

As a workaround, I created a Smart List called Snooze with the following search criteria (using the NOT operator).

dueBefore:now NOT dueBefore:"today 12:01AM"

This list will show up all tasks that are overdue from earlier today but not tasks that are simply 'due today' (i.e. tasks due today but with no due time).

I created a badge for this Smart List on my Android homescreen so that I can quickly see all dismissed tasks in one place and either perform them or set a new date/time for them.

Thanks for sharing this tip, hiteshnh! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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