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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Taming your tasks with tags and Smart Lists

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

While we've covered both Getting Things Done and Zen To Done on the blog before, we think there's room for other approaches to organizing your tasks.

Today we look at Remember The Milk user szemyed's approach. As he mentions in his forum post, he likes GTD and ZTD but was looking for something different. It's a thorough setup with a lot of possibilities, but with a simple premise; we enjoyed his post and thought you would too!

(Up front, we just want you to know: it's Smart Lists all the way down. Buckle up!)

I had looked through some guides on how to implement GTD/ZTD, or how to overall boost your productivity with RTM, but nothing in itself was sufficient for me. I have synthesized a few ideas and developed this to meet my demands.

So, my initial idea was: Use RTM to its maximum potential in accord with G/ZTD routines.

It is pretty straightforward. The theory is to have all tasks tagged in one place from where they are picked by an according search string (i.e. Smart List).

We liked his example project: "Convince Bob that I should win one year pro account". Clearly this is a system worth checking out since it helped him complete that project! :)

Be sure to read all the details in the blog post to check out the full details and all the Smart Lists.

Thanks for sharing this tip, szemyed! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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