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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using tags to organize groups of tasks

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

Tags are one of our favorite features for organizing tasks. This week's tip, shared by reconfiguring, shows a few ways of using tags very effectively to organize groups of tasks — for specific meetings, but also as a means of categorizing tasks more generally too.

As I have to manage attendance and input to a lot of project meetings, I have developed an RTM system of tags that helps me to achieve this. To illustrate, lets consider 3 Projects called Red, Green and Blue. Each of these projects has various supporting meetings such as Project Reviews, Risk Meetings and Design Meetings. Now when I come across an issue that I need to raise in one of these meetings I just tag it with a “Mtg_ProjectName_MtgName” tag such as mtg_red_risk. Now I can use the tag to quickly find items for that meeting either in advance, or during the meeting.

Better still, by using the tagContains: search operator, I can also set up Smart Lists to quickly show me all items for a given set of meetings, e.g. tagContains:"mtg_blue_" to allow me to prep for meetings. By also setting due dates to the date of the meeting I can produce a really powerful set of views that allow me to prepare much better in advance.

Finally, I also have a mtg_action tag that I can apply to tasks that fall out of actions given to me in meetings which again allows to be quickly sort and search and ensure I have done what I need to do. Hope this is of interest.

Thanks for sharing this tip, reconfiguring! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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