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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Goin' home

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

If you live far from home, you can relate to needing to be very intentional about what special things you do when you make a trip there. This week bordaigorl describes how they organize these things before, during, and after a trip home.

Australia list

I live far from home for long periods. From time to time something like "next time I go back home I'll do this" pops in my mind… Sometimes it's just "next time I'll get that cheese I cannot find here and I'll bring it back" or "I must remember to bring this book from here". Some other it's more "I must visit this guy" or "send a postcard to that person".

So, in order to actually remember to do all this stuff, I set up a list named after my home country where I put all the things that randomly pop in my mind and that concern my next trip back home.

I use mainly two tags in that list: fromhere, athome and fromhome so that I can filter the fromhere ones when I pack to go home, the athome ones when I am there and the fromhome ones when I am leaving again.

I prefer a separate list instead of a location because I use locations for places I actually visit frequently: using a very far location I seldom go to clutters my "general purpose" list with tasks with no priority and no known due time and zooms out the map for no reason.

Thanks for sharing this tip, bordaigorl! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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