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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Flash cards with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by Andrew Conkling

People use Remember The Milk to keep track of all sorts of things, but this week odelaney shares a tip for a unique method to remember all sorts of specific details: flash cards! odelaney even has a video demonstration too, included below. (Is this the first tip with a corresponding video? :)

I've recently started studying for Cisco's CCIE qualification and was wondering how best to ensure I'm remembering as much as possible. Flash cards are always a memory good tool, and I had a look at some dedicated flash card apps, as well as Evernote. But I'd prefer to keep things centralised with RTM, which I use for all other tasks and reference notes. The RTM iPhone app is actually pretty well suited to flash cards, using the notes function and swiping to reveal an answer.

I setup a Smart List called flash cards using "tagContains:fc-".

Then added a task per study topic, each with a tag representing the study area, e.g. a task called BGP fundamentals with a tag fc-routing.

Then, in each task I'll be creating multiple notes, one note = one flash card.

A single note has a title, a question and an answer. I've put >10 lines between the question and answer, so that in the iPhone app, the answer is not visible until I swipe to reveal it. Multiple blank lines don't seem to work in RTM notes, so I've used a ↓ per line.

That's pretty much it. Creating the cards by hand is a good process in itself in terms of memorising things.

A good way to create multiple flash cards at once is using rtm's email import function. Then you can add a load of notes into the email body.

Thanks for sharing this tip, odelaney! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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