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Featured integration: QuickFox Notes

Friday, February 15, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Inspiration often strikes in a flash. Sometimes jotting down a quick note can be the difference between an idea that turns into something productive and an idea that's forgotten. (Bob once told me he wrote 35 additional verses for Bananaphone but forgot to write them down.) If you're an unrelenting note-taker and you live your life inside Firefox, the QuickFox Notes extension from InBasic was made just for you. The extension allows you to easily write and organize notes from within your browser and, using the Remember The Milk add-on script, integrate with your task list. The developer has provided videos demonstrating the features of the extension and how to install add-on scripts.

QuickFox screenshot

To add a new task from within QuickFox Notes, simply click on the Remember The Milk icon. Tasks can be added quickly using Smart Add syntax, and the shortcuts are displayed for easy reference. In addition, any note text that you've selected will automatically be added as a note to the new task.

You can also display your tasks inside the extension by clicking to the right of the Remember The Milk icon and using the “Fetch Tasks” command. Click on a task to view its details in the web app.

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