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Command line task management with rumember and Milkmaid

Friday, February 1, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Are you a command line ninja who's looking for a way to manage your tasks without leaving the terminal? These two apps may be just what you're looking for: rumember from Tim Pope and Milkmaid from Marius Grigoriu. Both are open source Ruby apps focused on fast and easy command line task management.

Once you've installed rumember, adding a task is as simple as:

ru Pick up milk ^tomorrow

It doesn't get much easier than that! You can specify the task's properties using Smart Add shortcuts, too. Adding tasks quickly is the sole purpose of rumember, so you won't be able to display or edit existing tasks.

If you want a bit more flexibility to manipulate your tasks, give Milkmaid a try. Once it's installed, you can list your tasks with the following command:

milkmaid task

Color-coding and special formatting will be applied to tasks which are marked with a priority level, are due today or are overdue. Also, a unique ID number will be assigned to each listed task which allows you to reference them when performing other actions such as complete or postpone.

Milkmaid screenshot

One of the great things about command line applications is the way you can often piece them together to customize your workflow. As an example, this article shows how to use rumember with Alfred to quickly add tasks from your Mac desktop with keyboard shortcuts. Good thinking!

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