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Featured app: Cheqlist

Friday, January 18, 2013 by Brendan Ganley

Cheqlist screenshot

Have you been searching for an application to help manage your tasks on the desktop, but haven't yet found one that seems to "fit in"? Try Cheqlist, an app created by Eric Wendelin with two goals: "make managing tasks very efficient and look sweet on your desktop". Built on the JavaFX platform, Cheqlist runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, provides automatic updates, and is open source.

The application is split primarily into two views: Tasks and Lists. From the Tasks view, you can select a task to view and edit its details, or quickly complete a task with one click using the checkbox. Adding tasks with Smart Add and filtering tasks with advanced search operators are both supported from this view, so if you're familiar with these concepts, you'll feel right at home. From the Lists view, you can add or delete lists, and jump to the Tasks view for a particular list.

Cheqlist also works hard to make sure that it integrates well with your desktop experience. The app is designed so that it can be minimized to a thinbar and positioned anywhere on the screen, ready to be expanded only when you need it. In addition, there are quite a few color customization options so you can choose a look that fits in with the rest of your desktop environment.

If you'd like to see Cheqlist in action, you can watch the author's introductory video here. He also mentions that the app is full of secret "easter egg" features, which should keep you busy for a while if you don't feel like working on your tasks!

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