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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Preparing for a baby's arrival

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

Expecting a baby can bring a whole new set of challenges to the uninitiated — I guess that applies to all new parents! Rather than flounder over the unknown, Remember The Milk user robyn.sukenik did what many of us can relate to in times of great anxiety: she made a list. :)

Baby prep list

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant and expecting a baby suddenly a whole new world of tasks crashed upon our delighted but somewhat unprepared heads.

Novices that we were, it took friends and books to tell us what we need to do, and we've received lists. Lists from doctors, lists from friends, lists from family, lists for family — Suddenly inundated with tasks ranging from monthly checkups, ultrasound scheduling, who to tell when, when to do what blood work, which hospital schedules tours how much in advanced, what to buy for babies when (they apparently don't come with accessories, who knew?), etc. A whole new world indeed.

Overwhelmed, I turned back to my old friend RTM, where I could enter these tasks for myself with what I am told are appropriate due dates and of course lists, and tags.

There is now a new list called "BabyPrep". Vitamin refills are tagged with #pharmacy and the dates of the prescriptions or according to when the pills will run out, bloodwork got its own tag, schedule hospital tours is down under #appt as is making future doctors appointments and checking out birthing class options. And every time someone gives me a list — like things to buy before baby comes or the items suggested get entered under #tobuytent if it's an item I'm not sure about or #tobuy if it's an item I'm sure we need. Last is reading, and baby book recommendations get filed under my old standby tag #toread. There's more, but that's the idea.

My tags for this are still under construction, It's a new adventure. But I'm grateful that RTM is here to hold my hand along the way.

Thanks for sharing this tip, robyn.sukenik! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. I'm sure there'll be plenty more list-making for the next 20 years too. Good luck on the adventure! :)

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