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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keeping track of coupons

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

It can be easy to lose track of coupons — diligently filed away in an organizer, set on the table by the front door, or stuffed in a pocket, your bag, or your car. This week fanny.rutten shares a tip for using Remember The Milk to keep track of your coupons and their expiries.

I was tired of finding expired coupons in my wallet or elsewhere (particularly if I've just already purchased the product!), so I created two lists in my RTM.

1) A classic list called COUPONS:

Bob keeps track of his coupons

  • When I obtain a new coupon in a store, I add a new task in this list, like this: shop name > amount, product, expiration date.
    Auchan > 1€ Nestlé chocolate #COUPONS ^31/12
  • if the coupon is valid in several stores: Shopping > 1€ Nestlé chocolate ^31/12 or General > 1€ Nestlé chocolate #COUPONS ^31/12
  • if the coupon is a coupon code without minimum purchase amount: Zalando > 10€ QWERTY2012 woman shoes #COUPONS ^12/12/12
  • if the coupon requires a minimum purchase amount: Zalando > 10€/50€ QWERTY2012 #COUPONS ^12/12/12
  • if the amount is over 10€ (in particular if no minimum purchase amount required), I set priority 1 to be sure not forgive it before the expiration date: Zalando > 10€ QWERTY woman shoes !1 #COUPONS ^12/12/12

2) Then, a Smart List called COUPONS TO USE:

list:COUPONS and dueWithin:"2 weeks of Monday"

This displays the expiring soon coupons to put in my wallet in order to use them before they lapse!

  • the other coupons are stored where you want, grouped
  • the coupons to use can be also displayed in a "THIS WEEK" (dueBefore:Monday and status:incomplete) and a "NEXT WEEK" (dueWithin:"1 week of Monday") Smart Lists
  • if the coupon isn't used the expiration day, I delete the task and bin the "real" coupon: all is always up to date!

Thanks for sharing this tip, fanny.rutten! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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