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Featured app: MilkMaid

Friday, November 30, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

MilkMaid screenshot

Are you a Mac user trying to find a desktop app for Remember The Milk to help keep you organized? Try MilkMaid, a full-featured desktop app with a simple yet sleek interface from developer Greg Allen.

MilkMaid consists of an always-on-top window which displays tasks from a single list or tag, and allows you to complete tasks with a single click. This window is resizable and can be placed anywhere on your desktop. A status icon located on the right side of the menu bar can be used to hide or show the window, making it easy to show your tasks when you need them and keep them out of sight when you don't.

All the other functions of the app are available from the menu bar, and have keyboard shortcuts for quick access. When adding tasks, you can use Smart Add syntax to specify task properties. You can also search for tasks using advanced search operators, and your searches will be saved during your session so you can refer back to them until you quit the app.

One very unique and useful feature of MilkMaid is the "Add Multiple Tasks" function which lets you enter a list of tasks to be added. You can specify "global attributes" which are task properties, given in Smart Add syntax, that are applied to all the tasks in the list. This can be very useful in situations where you need to copy and paste a list of tasks from another source and then set the task properties for all of them at once. (Like when your boss emails you a list of things to do and they're all high priority!)

Has MilkMaid given you an idea for your own app that connects to Remember The Milk? Check out our API and get hacking!

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