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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keeping track of dragons (yes, dragons!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

It seems like so many video games these days are tough to keep up with: they either have large enough worlds that it's hard to remember everything, they require a lot of time (and in some cases specific times!), or all of the above. This week, janiceclee shares a tip to help sort everything out. The tip is specific to Dragonvale, but we think it applies just as well to other games.

Dragonvale icon

I used RTM to keep track of my Dragonvale dragon collection. The game has around 70+ dragons and each one has a breeding combination that may or may not work. The game requires a lot of persistence and patience.

I initially added a task for each dragon that I needed to breed and on the notes, I added the recommended combo to use for the dragon. Once I have successfully bred a dragon, I'd mark the task as complete.

There are dragons in Dragonvale that you can only breed for a specific period. I would mark these as high priority and add a due date. At any point, I can look at RTM and know which dragons I'm still missing.

I would also use RTM to set a reminder to make sure I check my colosseum every 24 hours and put a new dragon in. This makes sure that I'm never late from collecting my gems.

One can argue that the game is pointless… but collecting is fun. And RTM makes it easy.

Thanks for sharing this tip, janiceclee! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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