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Featured app: RTM-CLI

Friday, October 5, 2012 by Brendan Ganley

We love seeing all the cool things that developers do with the Remember The Milk API, so we're starting a new featured apps series to share some of the awesome apps we've discovered that work with Remember The Milk. If you've built something cool with the API, let us know!

RTM-CLI screenshot

For some people, the command line is a scary place reserved only for the most dire emergencies. For others, it's the quickest and easiest way to do just about everything. If you fall into the second category, take a look at David Waring's RTM-CLI script. If you're a serious command line enthusiast looking to manage your Remember The Milk tasks, this script is a must-have.

RTM-CLI is a Python script that's well-documented, full-featured, and easy to use, being completely contained in a single file. RTM-CLI requires Python 2.5 or later, as well as pyrtm for communicating with the Remember The Milk API. The RTM-CLI page includes instructions for downloading and installing these components, as well as the script itself.

There are a lot of commands available, but to start with, you can use the rtm ls command to list your tasks. Optionally, this command can be followed by a filter which can include any of the advanced search operators. The output will be formatted and color-coded to indicate priority and due date. It will also assign a unique index number to each listed task which can be used by other commands (such as complete or postpone) when referring to the task.

One really unique and interesting feature of RTM-CLI is its ability to print a very cool text-based weekly planner showing all the tasks for the week. You specify the start date of the week and an optional filter (just like rtm ls) to show only the tasks you want. The command for this is rtm planner and you can see an example of the output on the RTM-CLI page.

The script offers many more commands and, as you probably expect from a command line application, you can use rtm --help to get a full listing of them.

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