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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using Remember The Milk in education, from tracking assignments to planning lessons

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

We've discussed before using Remember The Milk to keep track of your school assignments, but it's not just useful for yourself. This week, cowgirlmelysa shares a tip for teachers or parents (or both!) to keep track of their kids' assignments and lessons, in the classroom and at home.

Teachers and parents can use RTM lists to keep track of their students/child's school work/homework. When I was a student teacher, I noticed that teachers routinely forgot who practiced on the computers that week or who practiced their timed math facts. RTM lists can be used for just about anything a teacher needs to remember in the classroom.

Parents/teachers can also use the RTM lists to track and prepare their topics for lessons to teach their kids (aka lesson planning). As a teacher and and now a stay at home mom, I use the RTM lists to keep track of the lessons I plan to teach my 2 kids during our "preschool" time. I teach the lessons under thematic unit, so each thematic unit's name is the name of a list and under each list, I use the tasks as the specific lessons for which I will teach my own kids. Teachers can also do this for the classroom.

RTM is a great app to use in the educational field because you can take it anywhere, which is a huge help for teachers and parents.

Thanks for sharing this tip, cowgirlmelysa! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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