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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Adding tasks in unexpected places

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

It's great to be able to add tasks via Twitter, but often getting something over to Twitter, especially from another app or website, can be the tricky part. This week's tip, shared by taylor.andrew, suggests using a Tweet button (which seems to be showing up in more places every day) as an "Add to Remember The Milk" button. :)

I generally listen to podcasts while commuting, and a particular favourite is the Pod Delusion. Often it will mention an interesting book, TV show, event, story or fact that I want to investigate later. My clunky and out-of-date iPhone isn't really up to running a podcatcher and RTM's app, but I've found a clever alternative:

Loads of stuff — podcasting apps, newspaper apps, iOS, browsers — has a 'share with Twitter' button in it these days. If you're reading, watching or listening to something and are inspired to add a task, hit 'share with Twitter', and prefix your message with "d rtm" (and then a space). Rather than a public tweet, you're now sending a direct message to @rtm which, if you've linked your RTM and Twitter accounts, will add it as a task using Smart Add — and as an added bonus it will include a link to the original item so you can look up details later.

If it all works, @rtm will immediately reply with a DM of its own, so if you have push notifications or SMS alerts set up then you can get confirmation without leaving the app either.

Thanks for sharing this tip, taylor.andrew! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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