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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Self-improvement with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

We've talked before about cultivating good habits — once about a general method to develop a habit, and another time specific to reading more. If there's one thing that's key, it's repetition.

For more general reflection and self-improvement, a lot of repeating tasks may not be as useful. This week's tip, shared by rheren, strikes an appropriate balance… with just enough frequency to keep you thinking.

When I attended a leadership seminar, we were given a list of over 50 introspective, self-analysis questions to consider. "What habit do I most want to break in the next year, and how will I do it?" and questions like that.

Obviously answering all 50 at once would be bewildering, and I knew trying to change so many things at once would be impossible, so I enlisted RTM to help. I picked out the questions that I felt were the most relevant and helpful, and set up each one to recur once a year. I spaced each one to show up about two weeks after the previous one.

Now, every other week or so I'm presented with a new question to think about and consider what I need to change about my life. It doesn't feel overwhelming, and it's done a very good job of motivating me to live life intentionally and think about my life on a regular basis.

Thanks for sharing this tip, rheren! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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