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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Renewing deals

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

It's nice to get a promotional rate on Internet, phone, or other services you pay for periodically. This week's tip, shared by jjustice suggests looking into further deals when those run out to make the most of your money.

I move to a new apartment every year or two, and my Internet provider usually has a 6- or 12-month deal on service. When the deal runs out, my bill can jump up $20 per month or more. There are often new deals available at that time for me to sign up for, but if I don't remember to do it in advance, I'm stuck with a higher charge for at least one month.

This is where Remember The Milk comes in. If I sign up for a 12 month deal, I put a reminder in 11 months to check with the Internet provider about new deals. That pays for my Remember The Milk Pro account all at once! You can use this tip for anything else you get temporary deals on, too.

Thanks for sharing this tip, jjustice! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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