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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Organizing chores with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

Keeping house can be a daunting task — or set of tasks! This week's tip, shared by lostintranslatn, describes a way to break down your household chores into manageable chunks, and also offers an easy way to make sure everything's in order when you have guests!

Chores list

I use RTM to keep my household chores straight. I have a special list labeled "Chores", and within it I jot down everything that needs to be done. Things that should be done once a week (clean sheets on the bed, airing out the house, etc.) are tagged "weekly" and set to repeat as such. It makes it simple and fast to knock out these every-Sunday type chores.

Next, I have the house broken down into four zones (living area, upstairs area, etc.), and tackle one each week to guarantee that no part of the house goes longer than a month without deep cleaning. These chores are tagged "zone1", "zone2", etc. and are set to repeat after four weeks. THEN — as if that's not enough organizey goodness — I have "dinnerguest" and "houseguest" tags for easily generating a list of to-dos when I have the respective type of guest. So "clean the guest bath" gets both tags, but "change the guest sheets" only gets the latter.

But, the best part of managing chores with RTM? Sending tasks to my husband. ;)

We do love some organizey goodness! Thanks for sharing this tip, lostintranslatn! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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