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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keeping your home address current

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

Anyone who's moved frequently and/or recently will understand how tedious it can be to remember to update your address everywhere. This week's tip, shared by joshmock, suggests keeping a list of tasks tucked away so you can make sure your bills (and your movie deliveries!) arrive at the right place. :)

Check addresses list

I have a lot of services that depend on having an up-to-date address for me, like Netflix, Amazon Subscribe & Save, insurance providers, etc. I also have moved around a lot in the past few years, so it's a pain keeping those addresses up to date.

Some services are obvious enough to remember to change right away, but some things I have a tendency to overlook, like auto-paid bills that happen behind the scenes, my auto and rental insurance providers, my employer, and any service whose automation I take for granted.

So, I have a recurring list of tasks that show up every three months to remind me to ensure my address is up to date with each service. I try to keep them separate rather than one bulk "change all the addresses!" task, so I can keep track of every single service, and so I don't continually postpone the bulk task for that nonexistent moment when I'll "have more time" to take care of it.

Thanks for sharing this tip, joshmock! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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