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The humongous Remember The Milk for iPhone update

Monday, May 14, 2012 by Emily Boyd

Bob T. Monkey's busy cooking up some big new things in his lab (he barely comes out, not even for bananas), but we convinced him he could sneak in our biggest iPhone app update ever.

Version 3.0 (codenamed "Insect") has a completely new interface, and a whole bunch of new features and improvements, too. Check out the demo we prepared earlier, or read on for the full scoop…

A whole new interface

New UI'Personal' list

Yes, we've completely redesigned the app! For those of you familiar with our iPad app, you'll recognize the card stack for interacting with your tasks and notes. The card stack allows you to swipe your way through your tasks and notes with gestures for a natural, fun way to manage your tasks.

New 'Task' view

Task view

The task view now shows not only the task's details, but any notes you have associated with the task, too. You'll also see new icons for quick task actions: complete, postpone, and delete.

'This Week' view

'This Week' view

This new view makes it easy to see what's due this week. As with the iPad app, you can also select a specific day to see what's due.

Edit multiple tasks at once

Edit multiple tasks

You can now edit multiple tasks quickly and easily: simply select multiple tasks by tapping the 'Edit' button in a list. In addition to complete and postpone, you'll now see options for editing the due date, priority, list, or tags for a bunch of tasks at once.

Tap to get stuff done

Complete button

As you can now swipe your way through the app, we needed to come up with a new way to quickly complete tasks (we can't use the swipe gesture to reveal the 'Complete' button, as it's used for navigating). From the list, just tap and hold on a task and you'll see the 'Complete' button appear. Bonus! From here, you can slide up to switch to the 'Postpone' button.

Enjoy the new version!

We hope you like this latest app release! Want to learn more about the app in general? Check out the Remember The Milk for iPhone section of the site.

P.S. Remember The Milk for iPad has also been updated to support the new iPad with retina display. Enjoy!

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