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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Looking ahead in school with a Smart List

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

It can be overwhelming to look at an entire semester's worth of work when in school, but on the other hand it can be hard to keep up with upcoming assignments or exams where some extra preparatory work can really help. This week's tip, shared by andrewlilja, shows a simple way to keep up with things in the near future and also to see exams that are more distant.

Bob T. Monkey focuses on his studies

I'm a student in college and I have to keep track of all my class assignments and exams, plus all my extracurricular and personal stuff. That can get pretty overwhelming, so I put together a Smart List that organizes an outlook.

dueBefore:"1 week of today" OR (dueWithin:"2 weeks from today" AND tagContains:school AND name:exam) OR (due:never AND NOT addedWithin:"1 week") AND NOT (isRepeating:true AND dueBefore:tomorrow)

Basically, it shows me all my tasks due within a week of today, any tests that I have coming up in the next two weeks, or anything that I didn't give a due date to but haven't dealt with for a week — sometimes I have tasks floating around without a set due date that I forget about. There's also a little bit at the end that only shows the soonest repeating task, so the list doesn't get to cluttered.

Thanks for sharing this tip, andrewlilja! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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