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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keeping up with your relationship

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

Many people in relationships talk about being distracted by thoughts of their sweetheart, or about forgetting something they wanted to talk about, do for them, and so on. This week's tip, shared by eemeltoniv, suggests a way to keep up some fresh ideas for your relationship — and to not let it distract you while doing other things!

Bob T. Monkey and a special friend

So, I'm in a great relationship. Throughout my work day, the most random questions, thoughts, and ideas pop into my head — things to ask her about, do together, etc. Most of these align already with my current lists — "Ask/investigate," "Hear/see/visit/do," etc. For the ones that are also germane to her, I append a tag with her name and have a Smart List set up to combine all those.

The payoff? Rather than send a million emails or texts a day with e.g. "Ninja or pirate or RTM monkey?" or "Let's go watch this movie" as soon as they come to mind (and before I forget), I instead log them and, at the end of the day when we talk, we can hit each of these. I feel comfortable that I haven't forgotten a good question or a neat idea. And it cuts back on having a bunch of email and text chains each about a different thing, in the midst of two very busy run-around professional lines.

Plus, when we do hit all this stuff, it's quite satisfying to check them off.

And, bonus for scoundrels: you can always go back, mark them as "incomplete," and rename the tag to the next significant other. For the record, though, I think mine is a keeper.

For the record, there's no need to choose between ninja, pirate, or monkey — you should see Bob's costume he wears to masquerades…

Thanks for sharing this tip, eemeltoniv! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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