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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using priority instead of due dates

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Andrew Conkling

Perhaps after last week's tip, you realize how often you postpone some of your tasks. This week's tip, shared by graham.poulter, offers an alternative: using priorities to help you decide what to do on a given day.

For a long time I would set due:today on the things I wanted to do next, and the next day postpone the ones I didn't do. Most of the tasks don't really have an externally imposed due date and kept getting postponed every day until I got to them.

My tip is to take off the due dates and use priorities to create a "Next" Smart List (priority:1), an "Upcoming list" of all priorities (NOT priority:N), and a "Backlog" list (priority:N) of non-prioritised items.

The "Next" list can be extended to also include items with a real due date (real consequences for missing it) in the near future:

priority:1 OR dueWithin:"3 weeks of today" OR dueBefore:today

Thanks for sharing this tip, graham.poulter! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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