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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Tracking academic conferences and papers

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

For students on top of deadlines at school, if you're attending conferences, you can have those deadlines to contend with also. This week's tip, shared by seamus.bradley, offers an effective way to keep track of a conference's details so you make sure to submit your papers on time!

Bob T. Monkey's list of conference tasks

OK. This is actually a really obvious trick, but I actually didn't think of it for ages. So this just shows how dumb I am, maybe. But anyone else as dumb as me might benefit from this.

Despite the above dumbness, I'm actually doing a PhD. One thing this involves is submitting papers to conferences. So I put the submission deadline as a task in RTM. Now here's the clever bit: put the conference website in the url part! I know! Obvious, right? But for YEARS before I thought of this, I had to keep searching for the conference website every time I needed the details of the conference.

As well as this, I now have a 'conference' tag. And along with this tag, two other tags: 'abstract' and 'full-paper' which indicate whether the conference submission requires a full paper or just an abstract. (So in fact, I rarely ever visit the link to the conference any more…)

I've found similar tricks useful for job applications, too.

Thanks for sharing this tip, seamus.bradley! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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