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Squishing bugs in MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by Emily Boyd

A bug. Don't worry, we don't squish the pretty ones.

If there's one thing that Bob T. Monkey hates, it's bugs (all bugs, but particularly the software kind). That's why he's excited that the latest update to MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook, version 1.0.22, squishes even more of the tricky creatures.

We don't usually post about small updates to MilkSync, but Bob wanted us to remind everyone to make sure their MilkSync is up-to-date (many bugs have been squished in the twelve releases since launch). Also, if you tried MilkSync early on, you're more than welcome to give the app another try.

How do I get this update?

MilkSync will automatically check for and install this update. If you'd like to manually check for this update, just:

  1. Right-click the Remember The Milk icon in your Windows System Tray.
  2. Select About and check the status at the bottom of the dialog.

I'm new to MilkSync, and I want some syncing goodness!

Head on over to the MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook page, where you'll find more info about the app as well as the all-important download link. If you don't have a Pro account yet, you'll be able to try the app free for 15 days (just download it and start syncing to begin your trial).

I've tried MilkSync before, can I try it again?

Yes! With this update, we've reset everyone's trials in our system… so everyone who's tried the app previously can now start a new 15 day trial. Why not give it another go today? :)

If you have any questions or problems with the app, Bob would be more than happy to help. Happy syncing!

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