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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Working on and off your computer

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

Working at a computer is a frequent task for many of us; just ask Bob! If that sounds like you too, then you will appreciate this week's tip, shared by ubuntudroid, which discusses a way to keep feeling productive when you need a computer break.

Bob on his computer

As I'm currently writing my diploma thesis in computer sciences and am also working as a programmer, I'm hanging around in front of my computer a lot. Sometimes I feel it's simply too much.

Therefore I created two Smart Lists, one for computer work which can be done now and the other one for tasks which can be done now away from the computer. If I feel my eyes are strained from computer work, I fire up the non-computer Smart List and choose a task from there.

Both Smart Lists are based on a "computer" tag which I assign to all tasks to be done at the PC. Here are the (pretty simple) searches for both Smart Lists:

computer work:
tag:computer AND (due:today OR due:never)

non-computer work (you already guessed it^^):
NOT tag:computer AND (due:today OR due:never)

Have fun with them and cure your eyes with a sweet non-computer task from time to time! :)

Thanks for sharing this tip, ubuntudroid! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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