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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Preparing for a garage sale

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

'Garage Sale' list

Holding a garage/yard sale can be a good way to sell things that you no longer want but that others may find useful; however, preparing for it can often be a big job. This week's tip, shared by debuck3, offers a way to help make the preparatory work a simpler process.

Once a year, I hold a Garage Sale to earn a little extra spending cash while clearing out my house of unneeded stuff. The problem: When the big day comes, I often forget things I wanted to grab up for the sale. Enter RTM!

I created a "Garage Sale" list. Throughout the year, I add an item to the list that I want to include in the sale. If I stash the item out of the way some place, I include where I stashed it in the notes. The day before the garage sale, I open the list and stage everything marking the item complete when I have it staged.

Thanks for sharing this tip, debuck3! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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