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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using Smart Lists to see tasks due in specific weeks

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

If you keep track of a lot of tasks or have specific deadlines, it may be helpful to narrow in on particular weeks or timeframes of tasks. This week's tip, shared by c0nsiderthis, discusses how to use Smart Lists to narrow in on specific weeks of a school semester.

As a student, I have the usual Smart Lists for each class's tag (eg. Searched for: "tag:math46" and saved list as "MATH46"), and have tags for "assignment", "test", "online quiz" etc.

I've also created Smart Lists for the weeks in the semester. That way I can easily see that I have 5 tests and 3 assignments due in Week 15, but I have few tasks in Week 13 so it's a perfect time to get the assignments done. Search for:

dueWithin:"1 week of [date of start of Week X]" and then save the list as "Week X"

dueWithin:"1 week of mar 26" and then save the list as "Week 12"

I like to see EVERYTHING I have going on that week, so I don't limit my search any more than by date, but you could change the search to just tasks on your school list:

list:School AND dueWithin:"1 week of apr 16"

or school list, tagged with a specific class or type of task (test, assignment, etc.), and incomplete:

list:School AND status:incomplete AND tag:comp103 AND dueWithin:"1 week of apr 16"

This could also work for business people – what's due in Week 35, in March (dueWithin:"1 month of Mar 1"), or within the 1st quarter (dueWithin:"3 months of Jan 1")!

In addition, user rajjan mentions in this tip that this same kind of Smart List can be used to create dynamic Smart Lists, e.g. "Tasks due next week", etc. Check out the forum topic for more examples of those Smart Lists.

Thanks for sharing this tip, c0nsiderthis! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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