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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Winning contests

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

Many people use Remember The Milk to keep track of all sorts of tasks—work, home; urgent, important; etc. This week's tip, shared by radmoose, describes a way to keep track of contests you'd like to enter.

List of contests

While I live an active life with a constantly changing list, I do find pleasure in entering contests and of course, winning things. Some of my friends are surprised at how often I do win things. Until now, I haven't exposed my "secret" tool to do so. Yup RTM.

Most contests have a timeframe in which you can enter, such as once per day or per week. When I get a new contest I add it to RTM include the time frame in the recurring section as well as the URL then tag it with "contest." Adding the URL for the contest entry is a timesaver as I don't have to deal with bookmarks or hunting down an email with the information.

I then setup a Smart List for the contest tag. In just a few minutes per day, I go thru my list while I have some downtime throughout the day and enter the contests. I don't have to worry as I can access RTM from just about anywhere and get my entries in easily and quickly. This is a productive way to get those things done that will fit in during those moments while you have a minute or two free. When I hit complete, it automatically is scheduled to remind me the next time I can enter.

I have won food, movie tickets, software, toys, DVDs… lots of things without losing my focus on getting the important things done.

Thanks for sharing this tip, radmoose! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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