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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Getting movie recommendations from friends

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by Andrew Conkling

If you forget which movies your friends suggest, this week's tip, shared by gordonswaby, offers a solution for how they can get a recommendation to you that you'll actually watch later. :)

I'm really picky about the movies I watch and I'm highly annoyed when I watch crappy movies–even those with rave reviews are sometimes crappy. Luckily I have cool friends who I share similar movie tastes with. They watch tons of movies and always recommend the good ones to me. Unfortunately I do not always have the opportunity to talk to them or when I do they'll recommend a good movie and I'll forget to watch it or add it to RTM.

Solution? Remember The Milk.

Sure, RTM's awesome share tasks feature would work well for them to share movies with me, but sadly I can't convince some of them to join or even use RTM. But hey, they use email. What I do is create a list. I call mine "Moviesr". I then create an email forwarder to forward all emails with the subject "Moviesr" to my Remember the milk inbox address.

They'll type my email normally, write the subject in their email client as "Moviesr", in the body they'll put the name of the movie and of course the "-end-" and hit send.

BAM! instantly added to my RTM Movies list. I check it weekly for new movie recommendations and then edit the details of any given movie I'm interested in (eg date, priority etc).

Thanks for sharing this tip, gordonswaby! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

If you can't get them to email your Remember The Milk address, you can always forward their email to your address. Read more about our email service on our site.

Also, you can incorporate this tip with a previous one for the ultimate in movie watching awesomeness. :)

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