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Now with 'Always use HTTPS' goodness

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 by Omar Kilani

Ever since we launched Remember The Milk, we've supported secure and encrypted access over HTTPS to the website for all users (of course, passwords are always encrypted when sent over the Internet :).

Today we're making it even easier to always use a secure connection when accessing your tasks on the Remember The Milk website, with the introduction of the 'Always use HTTPS' setting, now available under the 'Settings' screen in your account.

'Always use HTTPS' setting


Turning this setting on does a couple of things:

  • Ensures that HTTPS is used even if you forget to use a 'https' address when accessing Remember The Milk.
  • Only sends the cookies that identify you to Remember The Milk over HTTPS.
  • Enables Strict Transport Security in browsers that support it (which includes Google Chrome, Firefox 4, and any version of Firefox with the latest version of the NoScript extension).

If you use Remember The Milk on any public or untrusted networks, or would just like to know your tasks are always encrypted when transferred to your browser, please turn on this feature today.

Note: Remember The Milk apps such as our Android and iPhone apps, as well as all MilkSync apps, already transfer all data over HTTPS for extra security, so this setting won't affect those apps.

We hope you enjoy using your shiny new always-encrypted Remember The Milk. :)

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