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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: The "Ugh!" List

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by Andrew Conkling

If you find yourself missing or forgetting some tasks, this week's tip, shared by mark.szoke should help you track those tasks that you keep putting off or that slip under your radar:


I have a nasty habit of continually postponing certain tasks, or just "forgetting" to put a due date/priority, thinking, "I'm sure I'll take care of it someday". That day never seems to come around. So, I create a search query/ Smart List with the operators: (postponed:"> 5" OR due:never) and voila! instant terror!

Before getting right to work, I'll make sure to check my tasks to see if the problem wasn't me after all, but with them. Some tasks aren't really "to-do" items at all, but goals (I read a really awesome tips and tricks about using RTM for resolutions and goals), sometimes my tasks should really be broken up into smaller tasks, and some of them have either resolved themselves by now, or I just don't want to do them anymore.

Now after I've fixed my tasks (and improved my list as a whole), I'll just pick a day where I have a LARGE block of free time, (this sunday for me), print out my all my dirty secrets of procrastination (this just seems like a job for pen and paper), roll up my sleeves, and put as big of a dent as I possibly can into that list. Any tasks left uncompleted will be given a due date, which I will stick to like glue. Imagine the enormous satisfaction!

Thanks for sharing this tip, mark.szoke! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week.

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