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Freeing Remember The Milk for iPhone

Thursday, August 26, 2010 by Emily Boyd

iPhone app screenshot

Until now, our iPhone app has been available as a free download on the App Store only for those of you with a Pro account. We've been thinking, though: what if we could share the Remember The Milk love with even more people and help them be productive too, while still keeping the really cool stuff for those awesome people supporting us with Pro accounts?

We think we've come up with a way to make this happen, and we're excited today to announce a pretty big change to Remember The Milk for iPhone:

The basic app is now free for everyone!

Nope, we're not crazy… okay, maybe just a tiny bit (but shh, don't tell anybody). From today, we're making just about the entire iPhone app available free for everyone to use — yay!

What's the catch? We've introduced a limit to the free app: you'll be able to sync manually once every 24 hours with the Remember The Milk servers, which is great for backing up your tasks and notes online.

The Push Notification service is also unavailable in the free app (we can't give you everything free, now can we? ;). But aside from that, you get all the goodness of our iPhone app… free!

Exclusive to Pro: Unlimited auto-syncing + Push Notification service

Don't fancy having your syncing style cramped? Craving some of those Push Notifications? No problem, that's where Pro accounts come in! Upgrade to Pro, and ye shall receive:

Sync icon

  • Unlimited auto-syncing with Remember The Milk online. That's right, just let the app sync for you, or tap that little 'sync' button as often as you please.
  • Smart auto-sync that automatically sends task changes to Remember The Milk within seconds. No more wondering if you have changes that need syncing!
  • Keep in sync with your tasks on multiple devices. Got an iPod touch as well as an iPhone? Maybe you also use another device? The syncing goodness means you'll have your tasks up-to-date everywhere you use the app.
  • Push Notification icon

  • Push Notification reminders and badge updates. Not only will we send you lovely Push Notification reminders, but if you add or change tasks via another Remember The Milk interface (like, say, the web app), we'll make sure to update the badge number on your device via Push Notification to reflect these changes.

And don't forget the other Pro benefits, including membership in our Pro Tester Program, priority support via email, and of course that little Pro icon next to your name to indicate your awesomeness.

In App Purchase icon

New ways to upgrade to Pro: In App Purchases

Upgrade with the tap of a button! Pro accounts are now available as In App Purchases in the iPhone app. A 1 year Pro account is $24.99, or you can grab 1 month of Pro for $2.99 (the 1 month option is available exclusively for In App Purchase at this time).

Already Pro?

If you upgraded to Pro to use the iPhone app before this announcement, nothing changes: you'll still have access to the exact same powerful sync and Push Notification features. If you think the manual sync option (limited to one sync every 24 hours) is more up your alley and want to disable Push Notifications, we're happy to offer a prorated refund and downgrade you to a free account (please see the refund offer for more details).

Grab the app now!

If you want to learn more, or have any questions about the app, please check out our Remember The Milk for iPhone mini-site. Just want the app right now? Here's the link to the App Store:

P.S. For those of you who've been wondering, yes, Bob T. Monkey is still working like crazy on our iPad app. ;)

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